Office for lease in Hanoi

Hanoi - economic and cultural center, the proud of the nation. With the strong development in economy and industry, the need of renting offices in Hanoi is also increasing. in Diversified market with many options, Enterprises and investor wish to have a professional office spaces  and meet the need of  their trading target. in this topic, Propertyplus will bring the attractive information about the interest and the best wonderful office options in Hanoi now.

1. An overview of Hanoi              

Hanoi is the Capital of Vietnam, a prosperous city, concentrating on the traditional and modern beauty of civilization. with the quick economic development, Hanoi becomes a business and financial center of the nation. There are some main business center such as : Trung Hoa- Nhan Chinh, Cau giay and Hoan Kiem with many Enterprises, Banks and multinational organizations. Along with a good infrastructure, friendly environment and developing economy, Hanoi is considered as a top option for office for rent and business expansion.

Office for lease in Hanoi

2. Business & Transport information of office rental Hanoi

Hanoi City is not only a cultural, political center but also a favorable destination for developing business environments. The quickly economic development and utility infrastructal of the City bring many benefits for Emterprises.

Hanoi is the northern economic center of Vietnam with many Enterprises, manufactual facrtory, business centers and the top servies.

The City brings the lively commercial transaction invironment and connected with many internal and external market. The favorable geography location of the City and developing transportation allow the Enterprises to access the diferent markets easily and expand the business relation.

Bisides, Hanoi has a young labor source, the foreinger with high education which will provide a wonderful human resourse for Enterprises

In adition, Hanoi has the most developing transportation infrastructure of the contry with many large routes, forwarding transportation servies and profesional transportation.

The large road system with many main routes such as : Dai Lo Thang Long, Lang road, Le Van Luong Road, Nguyen Chi Thanh road, Khuat Duy Tien road, Vo Chi Cong and the system of ring roads.

Buses are popular and wide transportation means, providing the servies in and out of the city.

Nowadays, Cat Linh – Ha Dong the raiway route becomes the new transportation of office people

Moving to the airport though the Nhat Tan- Noi Bai axis is so confortable to go abroad, Inter- provicial cargo transportation by raiway from hanoi is also suitable choice for the Enterprises

3. Hanoi office market overview

Office for lease in Hanoi

Office rental market in Hanoi is developing strongly, the need of renting office space in the City is highly increase due to the attendance of internal and external Enterprises.

3.1 Assess the current office rental demand

The trend of moving the offices to the north of the city, suitable to the development orientation of the new administrative and economic center of Hanoi, some places are interested in as Dong Anh, Soc Son, Hoai Duc

Especially, the strongly need of renting offices is insreasing from the tennants who recover quickly from the Pandemic such as Banking, e- comercial, information technology.

The demand for office rental from foreign Enterprises in oversee concentrated in some contries as : 70% Japan, Korea, USA, Singapore, China.

Many enterprises pay much attention to the green environment, along with the natural lanscape, provide the bright working space, avoding the stuffy situation for emplyee. Some Projects that meet the certification of LEED GOLD and ESG are being favored as Capitak Palce, Techcombank Tower, Lotte Mall.........

3.2 Many Grade A offices are under construction

According to the CBRE, in first quarter of 2023, Ha noi office market welcome a new grade A project with total areas of 21.000 m2 for rent in Ba Dinh - Dong Da area bringing the total office supply  in Hanoi up to 1,6 million m2 by the end of quarter

The operation of new grade A projects in the year 2003such as 36 Cat Linh, BRG Grand plaza, Lotte Mall will meet the growing need of the market. The rise of Enterprises come to Hanoi contribute to promote the demand of office rental.

3.3 The market price of office for rent in Hanoi

In general, the office rental price is increasing because there are some high quality buildings and the demand is recovery after the pandemic

Hoan Kiem district gets the highest rental cost of 40- 50 USD/m2

Ba Đinh, Đông Đa areas get the rental cost of 35 USD/m2

At the west area of the city is developing with the rental cost of 22- 25 USD/m2

4. The recommended areas for renting office space in Hanoi

Office for lease in Hanoi

The Hoan Kiem area is a attractive place with the occupacy rate of over 95% both  grade A and Grade B segments.

In Addition to Hoàn Kiếm, Ba Dinh, Dong Đa, Tay Ho and some western areas such as Cau Giay, My Dinh are considered as the developing potiental areas of office market.

Such as:

Hoan Kiem area is a place concentrating somes developing projects from 25 year ago. This area is named as financial street, insurance, banking, therefore, the demand of renting office in this area are still very high, however, the land fund are limit so the supply does not many new offices.

Tay Ho area: Many departments, offices will move this area, there will be 300.000 m2 office spaces mainly Grade A and Grade B in here.

In the west of the city (Cau Giay, Nam Tu Liem) is most exciting developing area now. The cost is attractive and suitable to the small and medium – Enterprises, confortable to move to the northern industrial Park. This area is suitable for the Enterprises operating in import and export Enterprises and information technology…..

5. Serviced offices in Hanoi - Solutions for businesses

Packaged office rental services in Hanoi are more and more developing and meet the diversified need of the Enterprises. Those services provide full facilities and office equipment, professional management, reception service, meeting room, conference room, reception area, and pantry area. The types of office rental services are:

 Prominent packaged office in Hanoi including : Regus, CEO Suite, Compass Offices, Dreamplex, The Hive, CirCo, Utop, Upco, The Office, VOffice, MyOffice, Capital House.

Share working spaces called coworking: Toong, Dreamplex, CirCo, Up, The Hive, Regus, Start Coworking Campus, CEO Suite, Chubby’s Workplace. This service of office rental is suitable for information technology Enterprises.

Virtual office: Regus Press Club – 4th floor and 6th floor, 59A Ly Thai To street, Hoam Kiem, Hanoi Space Tran Hung Dao- Belvedere Building, 28A Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem Dist, Mpro Office Duy Tan – 7th floor, Viet A Tower, 09 Duy Tân, Cay Giay, Hanoi…….

Office for lease in Hanoi

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During 12 years of establishment and development, we always listen, and serve by our hart the demand of customers. The Propertyplus.vn network spreads all over Hanoi with diversified office type and Grade, meet all need of customers in space, budget and all utilities of the buildings.


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