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With the quick development of Hanoi, Renting Grade B offices are more and more attractive to Enterprises, Grade B office building for lease in Hanoi are not only having a reasonable rental but also providing a range of facilities and professional environment. Let’s find out with Propertyplus some outstanding Grade B office buildings

1. What is a grade B office?

Grade B office is a middle class in the office classification systems. This is an office with medium quality and facilities; the rental price is softer than Grade A offices. It is suitable for small and medium sized Enterprises. Grade B office often has medium area without high class like Grade A office, therefore, Grade B office is the most popular and has the great advantage in supply – demand market.

By the end of the year 2020, there are 160 grade B office Buildings for lease in Hanoi City, accounting for 30% of total office supply all over the City

Grade B Office Building For Lease

2. What are grade B office standards?

Now, there is not a set of office criteria to evaluate offices. However,  they depend on the valuation of reputation management units. Propertyplus will provide you some valuation information of Grade B office quality as follows:

  • Office location: Grade B is not compulsory to locate in the central Dists or big roads, the office is only located in comfortable traffic systems, modern and easy to move for tenants
  • Building structures: opened spaces, no hard partition, the load capacity of floor can reach more 300kg/m2 up
  • Safety parking
  • Total area of floor: 500- 1.000m2
  • Lobby and corridor is designed to be fresh, spaces with full of natural light to create the professional and luxury feelings for tenants
  • The system of facilities needed in Grade B office: Air – con, ventilation, modern fire protection system, high speed elevators, security camera system 24/7, backup power.
  • Good management unit, to be well and professional trained

Grade B Office Building For Lease

3. Price Range for Grade B Office Rentals in Hanoi

The Grade B office rental will fluctuate in a wide price range; it depends on location, investors. Here are the rental prices in Grade B for your references in Dists in Hanoi:



Average rental

(inclusive of services charge and exclusive of VAT)


Ba Đình Dist

20$ - 26$/m2 


Hoàn Kiếm Dist

22$ - 26$/m2 


Nam Từ Liêm Dist

27$ - 37$/m2 


Tây Hồ Dist

31$ - 36$/m2 


Cầu Giấy Dist

20$ - 26$/m2 


Đống Đa Dist

20$ - 27$/m2 


Hai Bà Trưng Dist

22$ - 25$/m2

Grade B Office Building For Lease

4. Top Class B Office Tower


Name of projects



Building No 5 Dien Bien Phu

Building with 10 floors and 2 basements, Project is located in a good location, administrative center and old street, near the main roads


Zodiac Building

Zodiac Building is grade B level, located in Duy Tan street, outstanding location in IT street and modern design


Handico Tower

The owner of Handico is Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation and it is managed by PMC, this project will make sure to provide the customers with full solutions and most perfect service quality


Hồng Hà Center

Hoang Ha Center is unique designed with L shape, it creates the spacious space, airy and maximized the capacity of use

Flexible offices with the diversity of areas from 120m2 to 844 m2


Hòa Bình Green City

Hoa Binh Green City not only is a business central and services complex, 6 star hotel but also a perfect option for Enterprises who are looking for their offices ( 5 floors office for rent)


Detech Tower 2

Detech Tower 2 is built and put into operation in Sept/2018 so the system of facilities and its appearance are new


Hapulico Center Building

With many facilities including: offices for lease, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, Gym center and swimming pool, Hapulico Vu Trong Phung attracts the attention of internal and external Enterprises and Companies

Grade B Office Building For Lease

5. Find your Grade B office with Property Plus

Dai Loi Real estate consulting and trading JSC is a real estate broker company in Hanoi. Propertyplus.vn is proud to be one of leading consulting Company for Companies in Hanoi, Our experts with 10 years experiences in office leasing consultancy

Please, contact Property Plus for more advices on each type of office rental cost and facilities in Grade B in Hanoi.



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