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Grade C office buildings even not so high classy level but they ensure a professional environment with simple design, basic facilities and reasonable rental. With Grade C offices, you can start your business in a saving way without any financial pressure. Let’s find more details with Propertyplus about the standard of typical Grade C projects

1. What is a grade C office?

Grade C office buildings are low class office in the office classification system. This kind of office has a simple quality and facilities, C grade office has a small area, basic design and without the high class building management services

C grade office is often cheaper than the other offices. This is a popular option for small Enterprises or startup with limited financial source and currently no need for high class space. At the moment, Grade C office is accounted for 50% to 55 % of office leasing market so that the source of this office is so big, bringing many diversified options for tenants.

Grade C office buildings

2. What are grade C office standards?

Location: Although, the Grade C buildings located near the central Districts of City, however, they  still need to access to the main traffic routines and other business areas

Area: C grade offices have small area; they are suitable for small Enterprises or Startup

Design and equipment: The designs of C grade offices are simple normally without high class facilities. The basic equipment such as: lighting system, simple air-con system, fire protection system with national standard, stable internet transmission

Overall of the building structure:

  • High ceiling: from 2.4 m height up
  • Floor area: 500 m2
  • Corridor width: 1.5 m
  • C grade offices often no have many supplemental facilities such as restaurant, receptionist, meeting room, waiting room, Gym room……

Grade C office buildings

Rental: Grade C offices are often cheaper than the other offices; it is suitable for the limited financial Enterprises.

The services and facilities of Grade C office are: Motorbike parking park around the building or parking nearby; daily cleaning, basic maintenance for equipment and machinery.

Building management: Grade C offices have no high class management service such as receptionist, security and professional building management

3. Market prices for Grade C office spaces in Hanoi

The rentals of Grade C offices in Hanoi are cheaper than the other offices. The typical rentals can be changed depending on the location, area and facilities of each project



Average rental 

(inclusive of services charge, exclusive of VAT)


Ba Đình Dist

14$ - 19$/m2 


Hoàn Kiếm Dist

14$ - 20$/m2 


Nam Từ Liêm Dist

15$ - 16$/m2 


Cầu Giấy Dist

10$ - 19$/m2 


Đống Đa Dist

14$ - 15$/m2 


Hai Bà Trưng Dist

12$ - 15$/m2


Thanh Xuân Dist

14$ - 17$/m2


Tây Hồ Dist

12$ - 14$/m2

Grade C office buildings

4. Regular office complex of grade C


Name of project




Vinapaco Building – Grade C office building in Ba Dinh Dist managed and invested by Vietnam Paper Corporation is one of the top option for the Enterprises who want to rent a cheap office in this area


3A Building

3A Building located in IT street, with total area of 1000 m2 of which 600 sq m construction, 9 floors and one basement


Vinaconex 1 Building

Project is located at 11 Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan Dist, with 22 floors, high technology built, ensuring the high safety and durability


VNCC Building

The Project is modern and unique designed, with 8 floors and 2 basements. This is an outstanding building in Dong Da Dist, with a large frontage, airy space and convenient to access or to move to neighbor areas.


ADI Building

AID building is highly considered as Grade B office in Ha Dong area, owned many advantages of location, feature, facility and services


Sapphire Building

This is a building with a cheap rental, suitable to the budget of a small – medium sized Enterprises, startup. The building with 11 office floors, one basement


HEAC Building

HEAC Building is Grade C building in Hoan Kiem Dist, a favorable location, professional and facilities. The rental is soft in a quite expensive area


Veam Building

Veam Building is a grade C office building in Tay Ho Dist, with the limited land fund, this office building has large advantages of the location, facilities and suitable budget.

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