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Office for lease in Hai Ba Trung District

Hai Ba Trung Dist – a vibrant Business development area of Hanoi. This is an ideal office leasing market by the diversity of rental price and all grades of office buildings. This area brings the potential for unlimited developing opportunities for Enterprises from small and big Enterprises especially in the financial, commercial and tourism fields. Let’s explore with Propertyplus some advantages of Office For Lease In Hai Ba Trung District

1. Why should you rent an office in Hai Ba Trung district?

The office leasing in Hai Ba Trung Dist gets many important benefits. Here are some reasons why you should rent your office in Hai Ba Trung Dist

Hai Ba Trung Dist is located in the center of Hanoi, near the main business area such as Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay. This creates the favorable condition for business connections especially in finance, health insurance, banks…..

Office For Lease In Hai Ba Trung District

Hai Ba Trung is considered as “growth pole” of Hanoi City. Hai Ba Trung is attracted thousands of Enterprises, investors due to the orientation of investments and the developments towards a green, clean and smart City. Renting your offices here will bring the opportunity to access the booming economic environment and growth potential.

Traffic systems are invested and upgraded, they link to a lot of main roads. Big routines such as Nguyen Khoai, Tran Khat Chan, Vinh Tuy, Minh Khai, Trương Dinh Road bring the convenience for Enterprises and employees working here. Specially, Vinh Tuy Bridge had shorten your routines from Hanoi to Cities nearby as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, saving your time and transportation fees.

Hai Ba Trung is one of oldest Dist in Hanoi; it has large areas and crowded population, creating a developing living and working environment. Along with the investment in urban zones and commercial centers like Times City and Green Pearl Minh Khai, This Dist brings the high quality of living space, services and amenities. Renting offices in Hai Ba Trung Dist will make sure of a modern, convenient and favorable environment for your employees.

2. Features of office for rent Hai Ba Trung

Office For Lease In Hai Ba Trung District

Office leasing buildings are diverse and plenty of sizes, mostly in B and C grades it consists of 85%. There are three high class buildings with Grade A in Hai Ba Trung: Times City, Gelex Tower, and Prime Center.

Hai Ba Trung is invested in public works and green space, meeting the current trend of renting green office. This creates the fresh living and relax working environment for your employees.

The networks of office for lease in Hai Ba Trung are diverse, meeting the demand of many Enterprises. Here are some outstanding projects in this area



Project’s name

Project‘s address


Grade A

Vincom Center Bà Triệu 

191 Bà Triệu


Grade A

Century Tower

458 Minh Khai


Grade A

Gelex Tower

52 Lê Đại Hành


Grade B

Hinode City

201 Minh Khai


Grade B

Pax Sky

64-65 Ngô Thì Nhậm


Grade B

HDI Tower

55 Lê Đại Hành


Grade B

V Building 

125-127 Bà Triệu


Grade C


59 Quang Trung


Grade C

Hancorp Building

57 Quang Trung

3. Price of office for lease in Hai Ba Trung District

Office For Lease In Hai Ba Trung District

The office rental price in Hai ba Trung Dist depends on many factors such as location, area, amenities and quality of office buildings and the negotiation. Here are office leasing prices following the Grades in Hai Ba Trung:


Type of offices

Rental Price

 (inclusive of Tax and services charge)


Grade A

22$ -33$/m2/month


Grade B

9 -28$/m2/month


Grade C

10$- 15/m2/month

4. Search for cheap office rental in Hai Ba Trung

Office For Lease In Hai Ba Trung District

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