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Coworking Space office for lease is a form of leasing that is not too strange for young businesses in recent years. To have a high-class and luxurious working seat, fully equipped, you must pay a fee to rent. So let's find out with propertyplus.vn the top coworking space rental locations in Hanoi today.

1. What is Coworking Space?
Coworking Space is a term that refers to a coworking space where a group of professionals and employees can work and share office resources, such as desks, meeting rooms, seating areas and other office support services.

These coworking spaces are commonly used by startups, freelance entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. Coworking Space allows them to rent a flexible and cost-effective workspace compared to renting a separate office.

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What is Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces also often organize networking events, classes, and other activities to create a working community and encourage interaction among members in the coworking space.

Renting a Coworking Space has many benefits such as creating a creative and dynamic working environment, encouraging social and business relationships, and helping to save on office space and other costs.


2. Advantages and disadvantages of renting a Coworking Space office
Renting an office coworking space has many advantages and disadvantages, here are some basic points:

2.1. Advantages of renting a Coworking Space

  • Low cost: Renting a coworking space helps to save costs compared to renting a private office. The rent of a coworking space is shared among many people, including the cost of rent, utilities, energy, paperwork and office equipment.
  • Flexible: Coworking space rental allows you to rent a workspace according to your needs and the number of users, does not require a long rental period, can be changed when necessary.
  • Coworking space: Coworking space has a coworking environment, helping to create a professional and creative community, increasing opportunities for connection and interaction between professionals and businesses.
  • Support services: Coworking space for lease provides a variety of office support services, including equipment, rest areas, meeting rooms, wifi and printing services. From there, it helps to reduce the troubles in office management.

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Advantages and disadvantages of renting a coworking space

2.2. Cons of Coworking office

  • Coworking space: Coworking space has a shared working environment, which may not be suitable for those who want to focus on working or require quiet and privacy.
  • Lack of stability: Since the coworking space is shared, there is no stability in terms of the workspace. Changes in membership or hiring policies may affect your work environment.
  • Limited opening hours: Coworking spaces often have limited operating hours, not suitable for people who work in the evening or on holidays.
  • Restrictions on privacy: Coworking space is a shared workspace, not highly private, not suitable for jobs that need high security.
  • Depending on the needs and purposes of use of each individual and business, the pros and cons of renting a coworking space will have different effects. Before deciding to rent a coworking space, users should carefully consider the above factors to make the most reasonable and cost-effective decision.
  • In summary, renting an office coworking space has its disadvantages, but this is considered a cost solution for today's young businesses. Users should carefully consider the above factors and make the most reasonable and cost-effective decision for themselves.


3. Top 5 places to rent coworking space with good price in Hanoi
3.1. Office leasing unit propertyplus.vn

When it comes to coworking space office rental service, it is impossible not to mention propertyplus.vn with more than 10 years of experience in this field. This will be a place for young businesses and freelancers to experience with a modern and standard image space.

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Office for rent coworking space propertyplus.vn

propertyplus.vn is an authorized agent of more than 500 office buildings for lease in Hanoi with Grade A, B, C offices,...and more than 1000 specialized buildings for lease, a complex of serviced offices. and partners provide Coworking space, package office,... The coworking space rental price here is less than the common ground and helps businesses save costs.

propertyplus.vn, in addition to providing the main service of coworking space rental, is also providing services such as:

  • Packing service
  • Interior design and construction services
  • Shipping services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Apply for an entry visa
  • Accommodation services

3.2. Mind X Space
With coworking space, customers will experience convenient and professional office services. Most of the offices are fully equipped with necessary equipment, electricity and water systems, wifi, meeting room space, luxurious seminars,...

3.3. Tiktak Coworking Space
With an ideal space, prime location and open view, combining modern and professional working style. Tiktak has become a modern coworking space, bringing a breakthrough with the trend of quality office space.

3.4. Cogo Coworking Space
ogo is located in Grade A buildings and possesses a convenient commuting location, meeting the diverse needs of customers for office rental. In addition, Cogo also provides a space full of office facilities, rest areas, impressive office design with modern equipment.

3.5. Toong
Toong is a place for workaholics. This is also one of the suitable locations for freelancers and startups who want to have a quiet working space. A large space full of art, stimulating creativity with many different working tools.


4. Why should you choose coworking space for lease at propertyplus.vn?

  • The coworking space office rental service at propertyplus.vn always provides complete, accurate and fast information to help customers make the most accurate decision.

  • A team of dedicated and honest consultants help customers choose the solution that best suits their needs.

  • Support to plan and schedule work each stage to help customers save time and effort.

  • Always consult, compare and support negotiations to help customers achieve the best, most competitive and most reasonable solution.

  • Build good relationships with lessors to ensure the best conditions for customers.

  • Take care of customers after closing the contract by supporting the design plan if the customer has a need. Besides, it also provides information documents for customers to negotiate for an extension or negotiate for an extension.

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Why should you choose the coworking space propertyplus.vn office rental service?

Above are the coworking space office rental addresses in Hanoi that propertyplus.vn would like to provide to you. Hopefully, this useful information will help you choose the right office rental address. If you need advice and support to rent a coworking space, please contact propertyplus.vn immediately for the fastest answer!

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