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Office for lease in Thanh Xuan District

Thanh Xuan Dist is a young, dynamic with the speed of fast urbanizaion. Thanh Xuan Dist now is attracted by many Enterprises and Organizations who are looking for a young and potential environments. With the soft price and a good location, Thanh Xuan becomes the first choice for Enterprises and Organizations looking for a professional offices. Let’s explore with Propertyplus some advantages and favors of Office For Lease In Thanh Xuan District

1. Why you should rent office in Thanh Xuan District

There are many reasons to persuade you to choose your offices in Thanh Xuan:

1.1. The traffic systems are being invested and planned, reduce the traffic jams remarkably

Close to main roads such as Nguyen Trai, Le Van Luong, Khuat Duy Tien and ring 3 road

The traffic projects are upgraded and expanded following the current plan as Nguyen Tuan road, The road to Group 3, Thanh Xuan Nam; rind 2,5 road from Nguyen Trai road to Dam Hong Road

Office For Lease In Thanh Xuan District

1.2 The area concentrating many factories and industrial Parks

Thanh Xuan had many factories built from a second half of the end 20th century, in which the biggest industrial Park are Cao – Xa – La (Sao vang rubber factory, Hanoi detergent factory and Thang Long Cigarette factory), there are some factories nearby such as Thương Dinh shoe factory, Winter Textile factory, Rang Dong Themos and lighing factory.....This will create a favorable condition for Enterprises and organizations of office leasing to access the labourforces and deal with the business partners in the industry field.

1.3 Many crowded urbans serving the real living demands

Thanh xuan has many development urbans such as Trung Hoa- Nhan Chinh, mardarin Garden, Ha Dinh, Royal City. These urban zones are not oly bring an ideal living spaces but also are focus of many commercial centers, service centers. Office staffs can choose to live in urban zones in order to save the moving time and to inherit all amenities in this area.

Office For Lease In Thanh Xuan District

1.4 Young and abundant labourforces for Enterprises

Many universities, colleges, research institutes, research departments, vocational schools around this area: University of nature and sicence, Univerity of Social Sicence and Humanities, Dong Do University, Hanoi University

2. Features of office for lease in Thanh Xuan District

Office leasing Projects in Thanh Xuan Dist are located in the main roads such as Le Van Luong, Khuat Duy Tien, Le Trong Tan, Nguyen Trai road

Focusing many reputation real estate investors and office investors : Vinhomes, Long Giang Lands, ICC, HBI, BRG Group.....so that the projects are built in a modern and solid ways.

Office For Lease In Thanh Xuan District

The rental price in Thanh Xuan Dist is remarked as softer than other places in the centers and inner city areas.

There are many medium and high class office Buildings in Thanh Xuan Dist, providing the professional and amenity worrking spaces. Some outstanding buildings in the Dist such as Zen Tower, Hapulico, Complex, Imperia Garrden hanoi, Artemis, Centeral Point, The Legend Tower, Licogi 13, MHDI building, Handiresco Complex.....

In addition, there are some projects providing some attrative office leasing servies:

  • Packaged offices : Zen Tower(12 Khuat Duy Tien); Licogi 13(164 Khuat Duy Tien) Times Tower (35 Le Van Luong)
  • Coworking : Shared offices : Titak (5 Diamond Le Van Luong) Office Coworking Space (Times Tower)
  • Virtual offices : Golden Palm (45 Le Van Luong) Diamond Flower(48 Le Van Luong)

3. Price of office for lease in Thanh Xuan

The office leasing rental in Thanh Xuan can be changed depending on many factors including the location, the area... Here are some office rental informations following the areas in Thanh Xuan:


Rental (inclusive of Tax and exclusive of seervices charge)


 Khuất Duy Tiến Road

10$ -12$/m2/month

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Lê Trọng Tấn Road

9$ -12$/m2/month

Office Lists

 Lê Văn Lương Road

12$ -16$/m2/month

Office Lists

Ngụy Như Kon Tum Road

9$ -14$/m2/month

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Nguyễn Huy Tưởng Road

8$ -15$/m2/month

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Nguyễn Tuân Road

13$ -17$/m2/month

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Nguyễn Trãi Road

8$ -12$/m2/month

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Lê Văn Thiêm Road

12$ -15$/m2/month

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Office For Lease In Thanh Xuan District

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