Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District - Update 04/2024

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Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

Bac Tu Liem district now is pushing the urban development to create a new looking and new vitality. Let's review office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

1. Why should you rent office in Bac Tu Liem District?

Bac Tu Liem is one of a new district and has a fast development in Hanoi, attracted by many companies and new projects. Located in the southwest of Hanoi city, bordering to Cau Giay dist, Nam Tu Liem dist and Tay Ho dist as well, there are many industrial Parks, new urban zones, commercial centers and conference centers creating the favorable condition for business activities. Here are some reasons you should rent the office in Bac Tu Liem.

Bac Tu Liem has a good location, close to many main roads and some important gateways of Hanoi, Lang Hoa lac road, Pham Hung road, Nguyen Xien road, Khuat Duy Tien and Ring 2 Road. It is easy to move to other areas in the city, creating a favorable condition for working and business transaction.

Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

Traffic infrastructure is developing and completing step by step; Bac Tu Liem Dist is being invested in infrastructure , with many big constructions such as : Thang Long bridge, Ring 3 road, 70 road, Cau Dien road, All these constructions make the moving, transportation, and business become more convenient and quickly

 Bac Tu Liêm with large, fresh, and green spaces. Hoa Binh Park and Xuan Dinh lotus

Lake are an ideally destinations to relax. This environment creates a favorable condition to improve the quality of the working environment.

Bac Tu Liem is developing significantly in investment and business. Many Industrial Parks occurred, new urban zones, and the big commercial centers make the attractive business opportunity and the long - term growing potential

2. Features of office buildings for lease

Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

Nowadays, the demand for office leasing in Bac Tu Liem is increasing due to the speed of economic development and the increase of Companies. Moreover, the land fund is limited

The office leasing market in Bac Tu Liem attracted to Companies operating in industrial field, transportation, metal products, paper products, garments ….. And also attracted to companies from Korea, China and Japan in garment, electronic, fashion fields.

The land fund in Bac Tu Liem is abundant creating the condition for the lower segment investors or small – medium Enterprises in industrial and trading fields so that the office leasing market has many potential for development.

The office leasing area in Bac Tu Liem concentrates mainly in new urban zone, and industrial Parks like My Dinh, Diplomatic Corps, Ciputra, Resco Co Nhue, Tay Tuu

Compare with some other districts of Hanoi, The office leasing in Bac Tu Liem is lower cost, help the companies save the cost and increase the ability of competition

Office leasing in Bac Tu Liem is developing with the diversity of services serving all need and companies scales

Packaged office Regus Leadvisors – 643 Pham Van Dong, bac Tu Liem Dist

Packaged office TH APARTMENT TOWER 3 – No 95 Nhue River Road, Duc Thang Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist,

Shared office Tông Embassy – 4th floor N01- T3 Building – Dipomatic Corps, Xuan Tao Ward, bac Tu Liem Dist.

3. Rental price of office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

The office leasing cost in Bac Tu Liem is cheaper than the others in the center of Hanoi however, it ensures the service quality and convenient for the tenants


Price  (inclusive of service charge and exclusive of VAT)

Leadvisors Tower

15$ - 16$/m2

Intracom Cầu Diễn

9$ - 11$/m2

Han Jardin Diplomatic Corps


4. Rent office in Bac Tu Liem with Property Plus

Office for lease in Bac Tu Liem District

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